About the Brandon Camera Club


The Brandon Camera Club was established in March, 1965 as the "Brandon Allied Arts Camera Club". In the early days, monthly meetings were held at the Allied Arts building on Louise Avenue. Dues were $2 per family, or just $1 for a junior member. Minutes from the first year show that between 7 and 16 members were present for the first meetings. A significant milestone for the Club occurred when the high quality of various member portfolios enabled it to become a member of the prestigious Photographic Society of America.

Since its beginning, the Club has organized and hosted:
- Demonstrations of photographic technique
- Photographic outings to various locations around the Westman Region
- Lectures, slide shows, and photographic exhibitions by members
- An annual Print Competition (now in its 40th year) in conjunction with the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba (Brandon Summer Fair)
- Special Guest lectures and seminars by noted Canadian photographers such as Courtney Milne and Freeman Patterson
- the 1983 Camera College Canada series of workshops and seminars at Brandon University which was attended by more than 200 participants.

The Brandon Camera Club has continued to evolve with developments in photographic techniques and technology. Although the current emphasis is largely on digital imaging and equipment, some members continue to work with (and present their results using) "traditional" negative, print, and slide media in both Black & White and colour.

Executive Board

President: Marlene Smith
Vice President: Terry Roberts
Treasurer: Roland Boille
Media: Jennifer Workman and Darlene Perkin
Equipment: Terry Roberts and Pat Stone
Challenges: Pat Stone
The Shutter: Jim Atkinson
Program: Terry Roberts, Maryanne Rocan, Stino Scaletta,
      Jennifer Workman, and Nancy MacKay
      actually, all members contribute to the Program.
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