Brandon Camera Club Photos

Brandon Summer Fair 2016 Winners

1st - Black and White

1st Place - Black and White
Infrared Old House
by Darlene Perkin

1st - Nostalgia

1st Place - Nostalgia
by Linda Boys

1st - Around the World

1st Place - Around the World
Death Valley
by Linda Boys

2nd - Around the World

2nd Place - Photos from Around the World
Iguana in Mazatlan
by Darlene Perkin

3rd - Black and White

3rd Place - Black and White
by Darlene Perkin

3rd - Portraits of People

3rd Place - Portraits of People
Nun Dancing With Glow
by Darlene Perkin

3rd - Around the World

3rd Place - Around the World
Oregon Morning
by Linda Boys